Top 10 tips for transforming your G&T!

Top 10 tips for transforming your G&T!

Our Top 10 Gin & Tonic tips

Do you love Gin & Tonic? are you thinking you'd like to zhoosh up your usual tipple? Read our top tips on how to enjoy the quintessentially British favourite


1. Yan Gin from our very own Herdwick Distillery is infused with an expertly selected bouquet of over 10 botanicals to make small batch London dry gin, it is distinctly gin, sophisticated but not overwhelmingly flavoured. This makes it ideal for mixing into any gin cocktail or simply with tonic for a unique G&T.


2. Our Fell Tonic is Made with water from Cumbrian Fells and natural Cinchona Bark, lemongrass and other natural botanicals, which give our Tonic Water its distinctive flavour, slosh some gin in and you are transported to a lazy, hazy day in the Lakes.


3. Black peppercorns dotted in the top of your G&T bring a spicy note to a zesty gin, adding a smoke and a perfectly balanced flavour.


4. Grapefruit sliced or squeezed into your drink is the perfect zesty acidic taste to awaken a standard G&T and takes it to the next level.


5. Juniper Berries sprinkled over the top of a G&T make for a delicious fresh and woodsy taste. You may also detect a fruity citrus flavour and a hint of spice. Overall, the flavour of the juniper berry is pungent but pleasantly so.


6. Sloe Gin, the winter favourite, pour some over ice or even glug some into tonic for a festive twist on Gin & Tonic.


7. A small pinch of salt crunched into a G&T can take the bitter edge of tonic away, paired with lime you can almost imagine a mexican mariachi band playing a tune or two.


8. Elderflower & Rose liqueur will liven and freshen up Gin, giving a floral and refreshing taste.


9. Have it hot... Our Mulled Fruit Gin Liqueur is sooooo good served with two parts hot water, Sit by the fire and put your feet up with this one!


10. Cucumber sliced and left to infuse in your gin transforms your Gin to a light and fresh (healthy) tasting tipple! You could be court side at Wimbledon with this one!


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